The Promotion (Fulton Ridge Series Book 1) (Dollar Book)


Title  : The Promotion (Fulton Ridge Series Book 1)
Author : Laura Domino
Price : $0.99 
Rating : 4.6 out of 5 (23)

When moving up means moving out, how will Benita persuade Adam that she doesn’t want to leave without him? 

He’s a gentle-hearted man who is loyal to his family members, is still grieving the death of his brother, just bought a new house, and is starting a nonprofit organization. He has many reasons to stay.

She’s a strong-willed pioneer in the company who wants to mentor younger women in her company so that it’s easier for them to move up the male-dominated corporate ladder. She has a good chance of winning the job promotion and moving to Spain. She has many reasons to leave.

If she wins the job promotion, Benita wants her new boyfriend to leave town with her. If Adam chooses to go with her, he leaves everything important to him. Benita must find a Win/Win situation to make the romance work.